Slow Travel to London

Slow Travel to London

There’s nothing like cycling a strenuous uphill to focus your concentration on the here-and-now, to the exclusion of all else: there is only the cadence of your breathing as you narrow your vision to the pedals, counting one revolution after another. Here you are in your own bubble, and you fight the urge to look ahead to see what’s remaining of the hill. The satisfaction of reaching the crest is reward enough — until the next uphill.

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Travels in Black and White

My photography book is finally out! It is a labour of love, a homage to a simpler time in photography — a time when you loaded a camera with black-and-white film, a time when you had only a limited number of exposures per roll, a time when you had to wait days or weeks to see the results, a time when you had limited latitude in what you could change. It is a homage to this time, using the latest digital technology.

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